Built-to-Order Pipe Fabrication

If you can dream it,

Shinn Mechanical can fabricate it.

Shinn Mechanical is fully equipped to handle all of your pipe fabrication needs. Be it large or small, our shop is capable of providing custom pieces, built to order! Shinn specializes in complex, difficult fabrication and offers quick-turnaround services to suit your needs. 

Shinn Mechanical also provides cut-to-length pipe sections with any desired end preparation including threaded, grooved, flanged, etc.

We have a significant stock of short pipe sections and remnants available as well. If you need a short piece and don't want to buy a full-length pipe, Shinn Mechanical can likely provide it at a reduced cost. 

Ready to Get Started?

Simply fill out our pipe fabrication order form (pdf) and return via email to Donnie Gilmore (donnieg@shinnmech.com) or fax to (425) 203-9801. If you would like an example of a finished order form you can check out this sample fabrication order (pdf).



Our fabrication shop is housed in a 36,000 sq. ft. facility outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, such as articulating weld booms, pipe grooving machines, and mechanized plasma pipe cutters. Shinn Mechanical Inc offers razor-edge technology expertise in pipe fabrication. We take great pride in executing custom work on schedule, within budget & adhering to high-quality standards.


Although we specialize in custom piping, Shinn Mechanical offers a wide array of fabrication services. We have the capability to produce highly specialized, unique mechanical components and assemblies with unmatched precision. This includes all types of piping, hangers and supports, platforms and handrails, equipment stands and bases, etc. If you can dream it, Shinn Mechanical can fabricate it.



Shinn Mechanical was awarded the national "E. Robert Kent Award for Management Innovation" by the Mechanical Contractors Association of America in March of 2009. This award was given in recognition of our custom made Articulating Weld Boom that was entirely designed and built in-house.

Our shop crew consists of highly trained United Association Pipefitters who take great pride in their work and produce the highest quality fabrication in the industry.

As a member of the National Pipe Welding Bureau, Shinn Mechanical utilizes weld procedures for virtually all applications and materials, including:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Exotic metals such as Hastelloy