Port of Seattle Central Pre-Conditioned Air: $13.4M

This project incorporates a new Centralized Pre-Conditioned Air Plant with associated Hydronic Piping System installations, as well as new Passenger Loading Bridge Air Handling Unit and Component installations required to serve Aircraft heating and cooling needs while Aircraft is docked at individual gates. The new Centralized Pre-Conditioned Air Plant System will provide temperature controlled air to seventy-three (73) individual aircraft gates. The new plant incorporates Centrifugal Water Chillers, Primary and Secondary System Chilled Water Pumps, Condenser Water Pumps, Chemical Water Treatment System and Glycol Solution Application Equipment, Hydronic System Expansion Tanks and Air Separators, Motorized Control Valves with Automated Computer Control System, and Automated Ice Storage System to greatly decrease the peak demand required by real time Cooling Systems. The new plant requires two stages of cooling to achieve the 20°F Chilled Water Solution provided to each of the seventy three Gate Air Handling Units.