Commitment to Safety

Shinn Mechanical holds a strong commitment to its industrial safety and health responsibilities. This commitment includes a firm policy to take all reasonable steps to ensure reduction of safety and health hazards and protect the occupational safety and health of our employees, customers, and the communities in which Shinn Mechanical operates.

The company accident prevention program (copies available on request) demonstrates Shinn Mechanical's commitment to compliance with all safety and health regulations. Shinn Mechanical's intention is to assure that:

  • Each employee understands Shinn Mechanical's Commitment to health and safety.
  • Each employee accepts their responsibility to fulfill the commitment through awareness of the health and safety rules and regulations.
  • Return each employee home from work in the same condition they started.

As a company, Shinn Mechanical is in a highly regulated industry from a safety standpoint. Violation of the safety and health laws can result in serious consequences, not only to the company, but to our employees, and the communities involved in the violation. Through the accident prevention program, Shinn Mechanical will ensure that every employee is provided with a highly satisfying, injury-free workplace.

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